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About Sunmotor International Ltd.

Sunmotor International Ltd. is a privately owned company located in Olds, Alberta, Canada. Company founder and CEO, Eric Jensen, is an engineer and successful businessman. During the past twenty years he has guided the Sunmotor research team in the development and commercialization of solar technology designed for applications worldwide.

Sunmotor solar energy systems utilize photovoltaic solar modules to provide power for remote locations not serviced by conventional (mains) electric power.

Photovoltaic solar energy power systems offer the following advantages:

* Solar energy systems provide power at or near the point of demand.
* Solar energy systems have no fuel requirements.
* Solar energy systems emit no harmful pollution.
* Solar energy systems are simple to operate and to maintain.
* Solar energy systems have a long life with little degradation in performance.

Solar energy systems are an appropriate energy solution for a growing number of remote applications:

  • Village water supply
  • Small scale irrigation
  • Environmental remediation
  • Power for remote oil and gas sites
  • Dewatering gas wells
  • Power for stripper wells

Sunmotor offers turn-key solar energy systems, from design to project implementation and technical training.

Email: sunmotor1@gmail.com

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