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As the name suggests, Sunmotor captures the power of the sun to operate motors and other electrical systems to provide clean, reliable power for a wide range of applications.  Our portable solar units are ideal for environmental remediation, chemical injection and other power requirements at remote locations where conventional electricity is not available.

Sunmotor can supply complete remote power systems for both ac and dc electrical requirements. Systems are carefully designed for each application to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have about our products.

PowerPoint Presentation
Prepared April 2012 (1.2MB to download)

Current Projects - Greenpeace India

Energy Revolution: A Watershed Moment in India

Can your design replace dirty diesel pumps in the fields of India?

I am pleased to announce that we won 1st prize in the Greenpeace competition:

Greenpeace Global innovation Challenge winners announced
Green Peace Challenge

challenge award winner seal poster winner announcement

Most of our literature is available to download on this site in PDF format.

To download, view or print these documents, you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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What our customers have to say...

"Our ranch is located in Southeast Montana about 60 miles south of Miles City. We purchased an M-20 floating solar pump 4-5 years ago.

The pump is powered by four 80 watt panels on a sun tracker. It puts out about 20 gallons a minute whenever the sun is out. The pump has never given us any problem. It has been used every summer. We had 270 pairs of beef cattle on the solar pump in June of 2003 with no problem. June was very hot with many days over 100 degrees and there was no other water in the pasture. The sunnier it is, the better the pump works.

Thanks for a great product."

Gene Smith
Olive, MT

"Boy how time flies; Recently had a little battery trouble hook-up on my M20 solar pump & after a call to Eric Jensen from Sunmotor int. I realized this pump was working for seventeen years trouble free. It supplied water for upwards of 200 cow calf pairs most years. I removed the pump from the motor & found a real ingenious way of driving an impeller. It is driven with a permanent magnet. The motor is very well built, actually over built & repairable at that. No wonder it lasted so well. Very seldom you'll find any product this well designed. Many products today are deemed to be disposable when they fail. Truly the work of a genius ....."

Walter Boss,
Barrhead, Alberta

"Sunmotor provided excellent service for our village water project in Brazil. They custom-designed a solar power system specifically to meet our requirements and worked closely with local water technicians to ensure that everything performed to their satisfaction. The project has been a great success, as described in our website below."

Dr. Yvon Maurice

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